Armor is used to add to your total health and add resistances to different types of damage, some armors even have bonuses like extra XP. This page like the weapons catagory is currently on featuring armor from Epoch and not Epoch 2

Base Frame Edit

Base Frames as would expect are basic level armor in Epoch usualy have laser resistance and while they have the lowest defense boost they compensate with an agility boost, Base Frames also are the cheapest armor in the game. The agility boost is great for players who love to dodge and can allow a player to make quick movements in battle.

List Of Base Frames Edit

Naked Chassis

Naked Upgrade

Naked Reinforced

Naked Amplified

Metal Shielding Edit

Metal Shielding provides good defense and resistance to physical damage such as kinetic weapons and explosives. More advanced models of Metal Shields tend to provide bonuses regarding faster recharge meaning they reduce the cooldown for grenades, missiles and boosters allowing Metal Shielding to play a more offensive role in battle.

List Of Metal Armors Edit



Iron Aegis


Plastic Sheathing Edit

Plastic Sheathing doesn't have a very high armor rating but don't underestimate them as they are resistant to electricity and acid based weapons. They also provide the best health regeneration of any armor in the game which could save your life in tough situations and with usage of a Bot Doc they can regenerate large portions of lost health.

List Of Plastic Armors Edit


Versa Ward



Ceramic Plating Edit

Ceramic Plating provides a good boost to your total defense and has the strongest resistance against corrosive damage with decent resistance to electricity. Ceramic Armors provide increase the amount of XP you earn per battle as well making them a good choice for both boosting defense and XP gain. Overall Ceramics are a very good choice if you can afford Ablative Coating.

List Of Ceramic Armors Edit





Ablative Coating Edit

Ablative Coating provides the highest defense rating out of all the armor types and is particularly resistant to explosives and lasers making them very tough armor. Ablative Coating also tends to increase the amount of credits the player earns per battle allowing them to be a sort of alternative to Ceramics as they have durability but have a boost to credits earned instead.

List Of Ablative Armors Edit


The Vault

Dragon Scale

Golden Hydra