The Bombardier enemy, leaping into battle.

The Bombardier is a boss-type enemy in EPOCH 2. It's official name was released with the Arena update, along with a weapon and armour set.


The Bombardier appears as a blue, beefy robot almost 1.5x the height of EPOCH.It has a flat, cylindrical head with a glowing orange eye in the middle. It is armed with a heavy cannon of any elemental type. There is a metal plate similar to a dog bone covering its pelvis.The bombardiers head also resembles the explosives robots heads that appear in level three of epoch 2


The Bombardier is armed with a heavy Kinetic-element cannon. This cannon has a low fire rate, but deals well above the expected damage of a simple Kinetic weapon. In between large bursts of this weapon, the Bombardier can utilize Super-Moves and dispatch floating mines to home in onto cover areas, which can be dealt with by being tapped on.