EPOCH is the protagonist of both EPOCH and EPOCH 2. EPOCH is an Guardian model robot, constructed by Alphetekk with the purpose of protecting a member of the royal family, Princess Amelia. In both games you control EPOCH, who is tasked with finding Princess Amelia.

EPOCH has many weapons including, but not limited to grenades, missiles, machine guns, and Laser guns. He is the last Guardian robot not mixed up in a world-devastating war between Alphetekk robots and Omegatronics robots, the war that ravaged both robots and humans simultaneously. Though EPOCH is one of the only free robots, his dedication to Princess Amelia is so strong that he feels compelled to find her and follow her orders. Not because he's programmed to, but because he wants to. This is in sharp contrast to PROTEUS, who selfishly works to keep freedom for himself and EPOCH, and displays disdain, even hatred toward Humans. EPOCH is perhaps the smartest and deadliest Gaurdian apart from PROTEUS who gives EPOCH a run for his money. For an example, EPOCH has single handedly defeated multiple O.G.R.Es in both games, a model of robot specifically designed to koll Guardians.
Epoch robot

Epoch as he appears in the first game.