Guardian-class Home Defense Robots also referred to as just Guardians, are a model of robot created by both Alphetekk and Omegatronics to serve humanity. They were utilized for various tasks, from mechanics to security units, and from butlers to military personnel. Prior to the outbreak of the Robot War, Guardians were identified as one of the most popular units of robot on Earth, as a result of their adaptability to any task given to them.

History Edit

Prior to the official outbreak of the Robot War, Guardian-class Home Defense Robots were widely accepted by a majority of the population on Earth. Unfortunately, because of their popularity, there were hundreds of Guardians created and deployed across the Earth. This meant that when the A.I. units of Alphetekk and Omegatronics took control of a majority of the robots created by their companies, they both ended up having a massive army of Guardians on their respected sides. When the Robot War then broke out, Guardians controlled by either Alphatekk and Omega began fighting one another across the Earth, however, a few units of Guardian robots were able to resist the control of the A.I. and still continued to serve humanity.

The most notable unit of Guardian is most likely the personal bodyguard of Princess Amelia, who was identified as EPOCH . During the outbreak of the Robot War, Epoch remained loyal to the Princess and attempted to assist her security force in evacuating her away from the fighting. However, while fighting both Alphatekk and Omega robots, EPOCH ended up getting separated from its human masters and struck down by enemy robots. Sometime later, EPOCH awoke in a city street and began fighting his way through numerous units of Alpatekk and Omega robots, attempting to find its master, the Princess and complete its task of getting her to safety. Eventually, after long series of skirmishes with Alpatekk and Omega robots, EPOCH managed to find the Princess and helped her destroy the A.I. units and end the Robot War.