Princess Amelia

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Personal Log


That EPOCH could fight his way through a war-torn world to find me - it's almost unbelievable.

I have to admit it's very surreal to be woken up as a hologram; a projection of myself. But it's strangely liberating, too - I can almost forget about my real body and the damage it sustained before my people got me into the cryo tube.

My people! I must track them down. They went through so much to get me here.

Still, one problem at a time as my father used to say. Once I'm revived, we can turn this facility into a hub,  start a concentrated effort to rescue other survivors. So much damage was wrought upon the city by those stupid rogue A.I.s...

Alphatekk and Omegatroniks - the "Big Two" - they will be punished for what they've done.

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Personal Log


My father once told me that I would one day have to see the human side of things. He thought I spent too much time tinkering with technology and not enough caring for the people I was supposed to be leading and protecting.

Well, I'm trying, father. But where are the survivors? EPOCH hasn't seen them, only makeshift camps and skeletons. Still, I know that Corporal Driehus will have managed to guide some survivors to safety ... somewhere.

But then there's no sign that people from other countries are trying to help. It's as if we've been cut off. Abandoned to our fate, leaving the Big Two to continue fighting one another in their ludicrous war, with us caught in the middle.

I didn't dream in cryo sleep, as I'd hoped I might. And now that I've been woken up, I don't feel like sleeping at all. There's just so much I need to do. I wish I could see more of this world than the narrow view afforded to me by EPOCH's sensors. I need to be out of this stupid tube already!

Ha. My father also used to tell me that I needed to learn some patience ...