The O.G.R.E is a class of robot that you encounter in Epoch. It was an experimental unit that was heavily utilized in militarized service prior to the outbreak of the Robot War. There were at least five units of O.G.R.E. constructed.

Trivia Edit

Ogre Turret
In Epoch 2, you can start with the turret of one of these big bots, most likely taken from the final boss of Epoch 1.


One known unit of O.G.R.E. was utilized by the security forces of Princess Amelia during the outbreak of the Robot War. It was briefly utilized to assist the Princess' security forces in fighting off numerous rogue robots before the Princess and her guards were forced to evacuate the city. The O.G.R.E. was suggested to be utilized as a mode of transportation for the Princess, but a majority of the Princess' security force believed that the O.G.R.E. was a liability as it could very well turn on them like the other robots. As a result, the O.G.R.E. was left behind inside a security complex building.

Sometime later, the O.G.R.E. was confronted by a Guardian-class Home Defense Robot identified as Epoch, who was also a member of Princess Amelia's security force. Upon confronting Epoch, the O.G.R.E. identified it as a threat and began to attack it. After a brief skirmish, Epoch managed to destroy the O.G.R.E. and proceded with its mission to find Princess Amelia.