Jameson is the president of an unknown country at the time of the Robot War.He is a self-centred man,who refuses to believe that it's a serious incident,and always tires to manipulate events to make them sound better than they are to avoid bad press.


At first, Jameosn hears the reports of the rogue robots killing inncoent people and thinks of how it might affect his presidetial campaign,but doesn't think if the families of the deceased,showing his self-centredness.In a second Log,he trys to downplay the incident ,saying it's only a "few bad apples" before he tries to get the CEO of Omegatroniks on the phone.By third log,he understand the gravity of the situation,but believes that as long as people "don't get in the way" then everything will be fine.In the fourth log, The military fails to stop the rogue robots,as most of their miltary consists of robots, they too turn rogue making the situation worse.The president says he "should've seen that coming in retrospect" and ultimately turns to using a "small" bomb on his own city to stop the robots.In the fifth log,the president mentions that the small bomb failed and says he wouldn't throw a "big" bomb without telling everyone,before procceding to use a big bomb.In the final log,the president admits that the bombs proved ineffective,as the AI had "back themselves up in hardened locations" and admiting that human attacks don't work.

However,the president makes a fatal error when he launches robot-controlled bunker busters to take the rogue robots by surprise, as he notes hearing a "noise", most likely spelling the president's death at the hands of his own missiles.

Triva Edit

-The president hints at being corrupt as he has ties with Omegatroniks,suggesting that he has some agreement with the robot company,which may explain why he was possibly killed.