Proteus is an antagonist who debuted in Epoch 2. He is the only other free robot other than Epoch.

Proteus is selfish and has a drive to keep his freedom. To protect his freedom and prevent other robots from getting it, he interferes with Epoch's business for the princess, and asks Epoch to stop helping Princess Amelia and join him.

As Epoch progress through the story however, Proteus uses an EMP on Epoch, and steals the last power core needed to get Amelia out of cyrostatis, causing a fight between him and Epoch.

The cause for his behavior is seen in his intercepts before the war began. Proteus's owner treated him badly, causing Proteus to look at all humans as evil.

Proteus is the final boss in Epoch. The game ends after defeating him.

Trivia Edit

  • Proteus Is The Only Robot Who Can Talk Unlike Other Robots
  • He is not under control of the Big Two like Epoch