Ray 77

Ray 77 was a Guardian-class House Defense Robot that worked as a bus driver prior to the outbreak of the Robot War.

History Edit

After being produced by Alphatekk robotics, Ray 77 was put into service as a bus driver and mechanic for some time prior to the outbreak of the robot war. Leading up to the conflict, Ray 77 suffered from slight malfunctions, reporting several instances of which to his masters. In one instance, Ray 77 claimed that he had received an emergency software update from Alphatekk robotics, but while it attempted to download it, something interfered with its braincase, which abruptly stopped the update from coming through.

Unbeknownst to Ray 77, these malfunctions were the result of the main A.I. from Alphatekk robotics attempting to take control of all units of robot produced by Alphatekk, who was doing so to try and take out Alphatekk's prime competitor, Omegatroniks robotics. Eventually, Ray 77 would succumb to the A.I.'s control without the software update and would be forced by the A.I. to leave its masters and begin modifying itself with weaponry to attack Omegatroniks robotics. It would be this course of action, however, that would spark the outbreak of the Robot War, as the A.I. from Omegatroniks retaliated against its enemy A.I. by also taking control over every Omegatroniks robot as well. Ray 77 would continue to serve the Alphatekk robotics A.I. until Princess Amelia and her personal robot bodyguard, Epoch, managed to destroy both the Alphatekk A.I. and Omegatroniks A.I. which freed Ray 77 and the other robots from their influence.