Red Boss

The Crusher is the first boss that appears in the game. The official name was revealled in the Arena update of EPOCH 2.


The Crusher is almost twice the size of EPOCH. It has a small cylindrical head with one glowing yellow eye. Its most recognized feature are the arms, which resemble switch blades that flip out and do a lot of damage.


-In one of the levels, there are either 4 or 5 you have to defeat

-This Boss only appears in Epoch 2

-After being caught in its grasp, you must rapidly tap the screen to free yourself

-You fight another one in the same level

-It appears to be a modified "forklift bot" or something like it

-Released in the 'Arena' update, a weapon and bodyarmour set was created similar to Masher, named "Crusher Smash" and "The Crusher" respectively.